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based on :
PiraGene Discovery Campaign

The elixir Initiative
Autrijus Tang & Ilya Eric Lee




While the "MS Passport: One easy way to Sign In and Shop online" campaign has been met with much suspicion from civil liberty organizations, privacy advocates, and widely accused of discriminating users based on their age, geographic location, income range, operating system &c, the KOP PiraPort demonstrates an alternative "identity platform" for pirates, via Gene discrimination, Port multiplexing, and Cross-signed trust chains.

Targeted at all visitors to the KOP festival, this project aims to raise the awareness of the undercurrents of "Identify Theft", "Internet Sovereign", the uses of protocols beside HTTP, POP3/SMTP and FTP, as well as the norm of how identity is built within the underground net -- viz. decentralized cognition and the power of 'karma'.


The Piraport project is consisted of the following sub-components:

* PiraGene Sequencing Technology

This amazing technology is based on Ilya Lee's <<Study On Piracy Gene and its Behaviour Patterns>>; the visitor is asked to "donate" an organic segment (eg. hair, blood, semen) for the PiraGene analysis, to produce a "readout" of her pirabiology tendencies. Recommendations are given in an astrology-like fashion of how best to utilize her pira-talents, possible resources, &c.


* Port-fu: Understanding, Matching, Scanning and Diverting

Based on the PiraGene analysis, the piraport holder is assigned a well-known "port number" from <>, with detailed instructions on the proper names, (mis)uses, and resources concerning that port number. All such assigned port will be present in the host machine, which also provides matching service (think blood type). Piraport holders could also try their hands at (real) port scanning programs, and possibly crack into other people's ports.



* Identity Building & Theft Competition

Since the idea of "underground identity" is frequently built on peer-to-peer trust and undesigning system, a Piraport has various "Visa" entry for other people to voluntarily xerox their own piraport (it could be stolen, too) to establish a "chain of piracy". the most notorious few with the highest trust ranking (based on PGPNet-like matrix calculation) could receive special online & offline souvenirs to brag.

Also, a related "Identity Theft Race" is hold by collecting as many real-world identity cards (Credit cards, ID cards, driver license, etc) of others as possible (in photocopy usually, but authentic ones receive a *huge* bonus), and is awarded in a similar fashion.