As the [science] fiction goes…

the electric sheep are set free range;
the obsolete humanoids roam the e-trashville;
the coin locker baby takes a teacup ride;
the Net composted bursts fresh sprouts;
the seeds gone underground left farmlands barren;
garlic is the preferred stinky currency;
agliomania pumps the rich air;
liquid future packaged are made to order;
hoodies patched are made to network;
the virus mutated prompts sexual high;
liberate the fluid, the ZERO GEN rule; the erythrocytes programmed compute orgasm data;
the human body held hostage set for BioNet;
enter the BioNet
I hear the blood running.

Locker Baby Project (2001-2012)
Baby Play [NTT|ICC, Tokyo], Baby Love [Palais de Tokyo, Paris], Baby Work [Zero1, San Jose]
UKI(2009 - )
part 1 [viral performance] part 2 [viral game], UKI, cinema interrupted [in development]
FLUIDØ (2017)