mauvais contact

Shu Lea Cheang
download vitae2010 pdf


lecture - case study of 3 works - January 13
MA in Interactive Media: Critical Theory & Practice, Goldsmith, London.

UKI, a viral game (work in progress) - workshop january 21-24
development at PLAYLAB, medialab PRADO, Madrid.


UKI, a viral game (work in progress) - workshop February 4-7

commentator - HASTAC


Performance - MILK+ - march 27
Videotage, HK

Publication - Paroledequeer (Barcelona)


Lecture - porno fe̩ministe - Avril 6
Octubre, Centre de Cultura Contemporània, València, Espagne

VJ - The Fabulous Mutantes Party - Avril 16 & 17
avec virginie despentes et Lydia Lunch
Emmetrop, Bourges

LaptopsRus - Avril 24
Stattbad Wedding, Berlin


submit Moving Forest proposal to Arts Council England.


LaptopsRus - June 4 - 6
Matadero Madrid (performance), Medialab Prado (workshop),
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (conference)


Andes Sprout Society, New York
bio-electronic / farming media residency initiative


Andes Sprout Society, New York
bio-electronic / farming media residency initiative


working on PDF - work sample
dated 2030 - published at a mínima in 2005
works 1990s - 1990 to 1999
works 2000s - 2000 to 2010

current projects
UKI - a viral performance, live cinema live code
FLUID - pursuing a feature film production


participating in short film screening
Sisterhood is Powerful - Cin̩ma Le Nouveau Latina Paris

Agliomania at Wealth of Nations
Spike Island, Bristol, UK

submit Mauvais Contact proposal to map me if you will, Pixelache Helsinki 2011.

Launch Sprouts Society Paris with le Chapon Rouge
green rush , a project sharing food talking series based in Paris.
green rush #1 with refarm the city.


review eyebeam residency 2011 proposals.

UKI performance/work session
Piksel, Norway

green rush #2 with Atelier d'architecture autogéré

UKI performance/work session
La Générale en Manufacture, Paris


In retreat mode

Projects in Development

UKI - a sequel to I.K.U. - in development Hangar media lab 2009
[PART 2] a viral game - Medialab Prado 2010
development notes on wiki

Moving Forest - collective performance
with Martin Howse - premiered Transmediale08
Planning for R&D workshops at Goldsmith Cultural Studies 2011

Andes Sprouts Society - media art/farming residency
residency plan 2010 - 2012, seeking fundings

Kingdom of Piracy - internet project
with Armin Medosch, Yukiko Shikata - premiered Ars Electronica 2002
planning KOP 10 years 2012

STITCH2030 - installation/performance
with TAKE2030, London collective

Locker Baby Project - 3 part installation
Baby Play (2001, NTT[ICC], Tokyo)
Baby Love (2005, Palais de Tokyo, Paris)
Baby Work(to be realized)

Dated Works

Buy One Get One (1997) NTT[ICC] Biennale exhibition and collection
BRANDON(1998-1999) Guggenheim Museum commission and collection
Garlic=Rich Air (2002) Challenge to the Fields, Creative Time, New York
MILK (2004) 56K-bastard TV, Switzerland
BABY LOVE (2005) Palais de Tokyo, Paris
MobiOpera (2007) Sundance Film Festival, New Frontier
AglioMania (2008) PAN|Palazzo delle Arti Napoli