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Shu Lea Cheang
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* Dance into the year - Latin Quarter caved in.
* Acting as guest chief editor with Annick Rivoire of as editorial consultant, launch MCD#76 - Changer L'argent - We grow money, we eat money, we shit money, at La Gaite Lyrique Paris with the group Economie solidaire de l'art and stream by radiomarais [radio stream documentation]. Publication at
* launch MCD#76 English online version [E-document] [F-document] - We grow money, we eat money, we shit money, at transmediale, Berlin.
* Join workshop discussion on Commoning the Network: Feminist Methodologies(CN:FM) , part of transmediale, Berlin.
* Part of Renewable Network Map, a RIXC initiatve to build co-platform connecting 'techno-ecological' projects.


* Travel to Lago, Nigeria with London-based AHRC funded research project - BODIES OF PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE digital performance and the global politics of electronic waste. video document from Alaba Market, Lagos. [participants' co-working document]
* Talk at Made in Public, a publication/research/public event project on commons in art and cultural practices, curated by Esther Lu in association with Taipei Contemporary Art Center (Taipei) and Asia Art Archive(HK), hosted by HalfWay cafe.
* Showing fisting Club documentation excerpts (4:00, 2008) at NYC porn film festival taking place at Secret Project Robot, BUSHWICK, New York.


* Travel to Hong Kong with London-based AHRC funded research project - BODIES OF PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE digital performance and the global politics of electronic waste. [participants' co-working document]
* Join talk on \IDENTITIES - glitches + bends + twists at reFrag: glitch at Parsons, Paris.


* Release Seeding (2015) as part of DATA HACK collection at
* As a research subject of Madrid-based Elena Garcia-Oliveros Hedilla's PHD thesis project - public art practices and cyberfeminism thesis document [Spanish] [English].
publication of the interview. [Spanish] [English]
* Present WE GROW MONEY, WE EAT MONEY, WE SHIT MONEY - MCD#76 issue at European Media Art Festival "IRONY IN MEDIA ART - SUBVERSIVE INTERVENTIONS", Osnabrück, Germany.


* Screening I.K.U. and short films [Sex Fish, Sex Bowl, Fingers&Kisses] at HOLY FUCK Film Festival, Filmhuis Cavia Amsterdam.
* Join Click Seminar with a theme derived from The Electric Ant of Philip K.Dick at Click Festival, Kulturværftet, Helsingør, Denmark.
* Screening UKI performance documentation excerpt from Hangar media lab (Barcelona, 2009) at Festival Ivahm 2015, hosted by La Neomudejar Art Centre, Madrid, Spain.
* Screening I.K.U. and talk FLUIDØ at "I'd rather be a Goddess than a cyborg", a feminist queer art festival , Coven Berlin.
* Screening Fingers and Kisses (1995) at The 10th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin.
* Launch FLUIDØ fundraising kickstarter appeal.
* republishes B.Ruby Rich article on I.K.U.(2000) "Bodies are packaged made to be opened"


* Cyphersex pioneer: Shu Lea Cheang interview published at Exberliner, Berlin.
* FLUIDØ cypherpunk film interview published at, London.
* hosting a seeds underground party at Upgrade Zagreb,. Review and preview cycle of food projects including "LOCATION ID:HOME", a proposal for Markthalle Berlin (2015 - 2016).
* As curator, launch infoDETOX - Artist in Residency: Summer 2015 at Eleonore, Linz, Austria. initiated by Stadtwerkstatt A.I.R - KünstlerInnen, AkteurInnen neuer Medien


* final presentation/exhibition of BODIES OF PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE digital performance and the global politics of electronic waste - SPOKEN, an installation and two video documents (Lagos and Hong Kong) at the Watermans. [exhibition documentation]
. * Join Digital Futures hosted by V&A and SPACE the white building, London.
* a talk titled "FOOD SEX MONEY AKA SEX MONEY FOOD" at Digital Culture Unit, Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London. [the talk]
* Collaboration with Jaime del Val on METABDOY, presenting at INTERNATIONAL UNCONFERENCE: Hacking Big Data Brother: From Biometrics to Intra-action, Madrid. [the talk]


* holiday with Hernani Dias of refarm the city and his family in Portugal.


* Curation STWST48 - crashing the information in 48 hours, hosted by Stadtwerkstatt in association with Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria. [stwst48 program]. review at MAKE by Amina Lehner.
* submit proposal UKI-cinema interrupted [French version] with kareron association to CNC Dicréam:aide au développement.
* submit HOODIE2030 by TAKE2030 to New Art Foundation ATA grant.
* Join APO33's new initiative, NEAR - NANTES ELECTRONIC ART RENCONTRE #1 during Digital Week à Nantes. Subject - “Chaotic Boundary Conditions : DIGITAL ANTIDOTE”.
* Part of the article "From the feminist upheaval to public art and cyberfmeinism" by Elena García-Oliveros published in Women in Visual Arts.


* Agliomania - Garlic credito exhibition in "The Human Face of Cryptoeconomies" at Furtherfield, London. Part of furtherfield's ART DATA MONEY project.
* Present Baby Love (in its still form) as part of DSL collection at Art steps into Beaugrenelle - SHOWCASE#1: THINK BIG, a FIAC Paris exhibition.
* Part of FIXATION: The Body & Sexuality in Art Film, exhibition at SomoS Arts.
* EXTRA CASTING CASTING EXTRA - FLUIDØ pissing wall casting performance held at SomoS Arts, part of Porn Film Festival Berlin.
* Guest at Arte Germany's Cuisine show, filmed at Lino's barbecue in Wedding Berlin. [cancelled]
* preproduction of FLUIDØ in Berlin.


* Presenting works at NEON festival, Dundee, Scotland.
* presenting DATA HACK seditionart collection at Piksel, Norway.
* research trip for HOODIE2030 by TAKE2030. project granted first round of ATA grant for Advanced industrial solutions sponsored by NewArtFoundation, EureCat , Beep del arte electrónico in Barcelona.
* Abbra Kotlarczyk publication of "Radical Living Archives and Trans* Embodiment - Shu Lea Cheang’s Brandon" in Transgender Studies Quarterly, Duke University Press.


* COMPOSTING THE NET showing at ReFest, Hybrid Performance & New Media Festival at La MaMa, NYC.
* FRESH KILL streaming on vimeo by carroll/fletcher on screen, London.
* FLUIDØ production in Berlin.


FLUIDØ the movie (2014-2016) feature film in development
CRISISRUS by LAPTOPSRUS (2013) collective networked performance
SEEDS UNDERGROUND (2013) underground party for seed exchange
ACCIDENTAL LANDING (2013) accidentally the wind blows
COMPOSTING THE CITY (2012) adopt a composter
COMPOSTING THE NET (2012) biodegradable data trash
BABY WORK (2012) third part of Locker Baby Project (2001-2012)
CYCLEX (2012) make art make farm, Andes, New York
UKI (2009-2012) a viral performance & a viral game
MOVINGFOREST (2008-2012) 12 hour distributed performance
LAPTOPSRUS (2009-2011) a woman live performers' network platform
AGLIOMANIA (2008-2010) garlic as post-crash currency
FISTING CLUB (2008) performance with Wendy DeLorme
MOBIOPERA (2007) collective cinema with mobilephones
BABY LOVE (2005) 2nd part of locker baby project
MILK (2004) 56K-bastard TV, Switzerland
TRAMJAM RUSH HOUR (2004 - 2007) by Mumbai Streaming Attack
TAKE2030 (2003-2006) hypermedia collective based in london
BURN (2003) burning pirated music CD
GARLIC=RICH AIR 2030 (2003) Limbo Zone, Venice Biennale 2003.
GARLIC=RICH AIR (2002) Challenge to the Fields, Creative Time, New York
KINGDOM OF PIRACY (2002-2006) curated netspace
I.K.U. (2000) Sundance Film Festival
BRANDON (1998-1999) Guggenheim Museum commission and permanent collection
BUY ONE GET ONE (1997) NTT[ICC] Biennale exhibition and collection


Expand, an interface (2001), commissioned by telepolis
APT(2002), commissioned by xcult, shrink to fit
STOP(2002), commissioned by Amnesty International


Cyphersex pioneer: Shu Lea Cheang interview published at Exberliner, Berlin.
FLUIDØ cypherpunk film interview published at, London.
"Bodies are packaged made to be opened" published at
interview with Matthew Fuller at Mute, London.
Interview with Annet Dekker at
interview with Yin Ho at Rhizome, New York.
review at interactive mythologies, Digitalarti Paris by Maxence Grugier.
review at Culture Mobile Orange Paris@rtek.


works 2000s - 2000 to 2014
works 1990s - 1990 to 1999
dated 2030 - published at a minima in 2005