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Shu Lea Cheang
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* Walk into the black forest
* Lecture on crossing discipline borders and urban interventions -
Academy Minerva, School for Fine Art, Design and Pop Culture


* Participate in in/compatible material intervention/situations at Transmediale.2012.
* Lead UKI biosensor workshop Transmediale.2012.
* Particpate in Zombie Play: reSourcing an Exquisite Media Corpse reSource, Transmediale.2012.
* Launch Composting the Net web project.
* Mute publication - an interview with Matthew Fuller.


* Lecture Art Creates Change OCAD, DIGITAL FUTURES: Technology/Innovation/Design/Art
* UKI demo version, part of Robots & Avatars show, FACT, Liverpool.
* Those Fluttering Objects of Desire at EVERY EXIT IS AN ENTRANCE: 30 Years of Exit Art, NYC.
* stormy weather stirred - a teapot for MzTEK - ChiTek at Watermans, London


* Launch cycleX - make art make farm, Andes, New York
* Baby Work artist residency - apo33, Nantes, France


* La Graine et le compost - refarm the city|green rush TAQ residency - La Gaite Lyrique, Paris.
* Join Nyctalopes' exhibition Le Cabaret Organique, Paris.
* interview with Yin Ho on BRANDON, published at RHIZOME, New York
* Performing UKI at ELECTROPIXEL APO33, Nantes
* Gallery lecture at kapelica Gallery, ljubljana


* June 22 - july 3 - launch 12 day perlude Moving Forest 2012 London


* July 4 & 5- 12 hour performance and one day coda Moving Forest 2012 London
* commission: composting the net, SKOR online archive for, including an interview with Annet Dekker.


* launch Composting the city | composting the net with reSource002 at Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien, Berlin, towards a networked performance at transmediale2013.


* Baby Work at ZERO1 Biennial- seeking Silicon Valley , San Jose, USA.
*Participate in PARK(ing)DAY, organized by Dédale, Paris.
*Interview with Rebecca Armstrong, blog publication on the occasion of PARK(ing)DAY.


* Participate in DIY exhibition with refarm the city and an artist interview at Imaginarium, Tourcoing, France.


* Baby Work at Remediating the Social, conference/exhibition organized by The Electronic Literature as a Model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice (ELMCIP), Edinburg, UK.
* Participate in [Ecosystem & Ecology] panel discussion at SIGNAL [Art and Network Technology], La Chambre Blanche, Québec, Canada.
* Join 'Le Windowfarm ou le jardinage DIY' workshop with Les Saprophytes at Imaginarium.
* Participate in the School of Fine Arts of Montpellier's Projet Octopus, in conjunction with the Symposium "Forms and processes in art practices within digital culture", Montpellier, France.


* Participate in Comptoir Urbain - sustainable urban marketplace with association MICROLITHE
* DIY EAT for "Le Banquet DIY: rencontres et débat" at Imaginarium, Tourcoing.
* A brief project presentation at OKNO, Brussels.
* texts for MCD#69 – WJ SPOT2 - Les artistes s'emparent du réseau / Artists take over the network, publication release with Mal au Pixel at Gaite Lyrique, Paris.
* Talk session - the digital art conservation project, ecole supérieure des arts décoratifs, Strasbourg.
* Green Rush dispatch #8, ArtTechFood with Amanda McDonald Crowley at Chapon Rouge, Paris.


COMPOSTING THE CITY (2012) adopt a composter
COMPOSTING THE NET (2012) biodegradable data trash
BABY WORK (2012) third part of Locker Baby Project (2001-2012)
CYCLEX (2012) make art make farm, Andes, New York
UKI (2009-2012) a viral performance & a viral game
MOVINGFOREST (2008-2012) 12 hour distributed performance
LAPTOPSRUS (2009-2011) a woman live performers' network platform
AGLIOMANIA (2008-2010) garlic as post-crash currency
MOBIOPERA (2007) collective cinema with mobilephones
BABY LOVE (2005) 2nd part of locker baby project
MILK (2004) 56K-bastard TV, Switzerland
TRAMJAM RUSH HOUR (2004 - 2007) by Mumbai Streaming Attack
TAKE2030 (2003-2006) hypermedia collective based in london
BURN (2003) pirating burning
GARLIC=RICH AIR (2002) Challenge to the Fields, Creative Time, New York
FLUID (2000 - ) feature film in development
KINGDOM OF PIRACY (2002-2006) curated netspace
I.K.U. (2000) Sundance Film Festival
BRANDON (1998-1999) Guggenheim Museum commission and collection
BUY ONE GET ONE (1997) NTT[ICC] Biennale exhibition and collection


works 2000s - 2000 to 2010
works 1990s - 1990 to 1999
dated 2030 - published at a minima in 2005