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Shu Lea Cheang
vitae2013 pdf


* Walk into the field
* Publication - ARTINVESTOR 01/13
* Portrait : SHU LEA CHEANG's interactive mythologies - published at Digitalarti
* greenrush dispatch#9 - OPEN, O SESAMI. OPEN, O GREEN. OPEN, O FIELDS.
a general meeting at transmediale2013, Berlin


* Composting the city | Composting the net project - a composting performance at transmediale2013, Berlin. [performance documentation]


* Join Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archive Program (TELDAP) conference as moderator for Graham Harwood's keynote speech.
* EVIL MEDIA COMPOSTED - post transmediale2013 talk tour - Composting the city|Composting the net meets Evil Media Distribution Center - link up with YoHa for 4 public talks in Taiwan (organized by Culturemondo) and Tokyo (organized and moderated by Yukiko Shikata at ATSUKOBAROUCH).


* cycleX 2013 residency with little myrtle's permaculture, Andes, New York.
* A lecture titled "How can a forest move? (beyond) laptop networked performance" at College of Design, Tatung University, Taiwan.


* La graine et Le compost joins Exposition EXO-ART, organized by APO33 for nantes2013, european green capital.


* Launching accidental landing and seeds underground projects with a donautics/AIR fieldworks residency, curated by Armin Medosch at Eleonore , Linz, Austria.
* Join transmedia art and fashion exhibition at Palais de Tokyo, Paris with loveme2030 clip, the kiss.
* Show UKI clip at mindpirates/artporn, Berlin.
* Publication "Portrait de lieux et d’artistes au travers de créations digitales" at Culture Mobile@rtek, written by Christine Treguier for
* Publication "Greening the Network Commons" by Armin Medosch at
* Join APO33 at EYE FOR AN EAR festival held at N.K. Berlin supported by OPEN SOUND, presenting UKI viral performance with open call noise coders.


* Research + location scouting + scripting FLUID (working title), a feature film in development with Jürgen Brüning Filmproduktion for Berlin 2014.
* Join Maaland : Renewable Worklab hosted by Pixelache / Pixelversity (Helsinki) in cooperation with RIXC Centre for New Media Culture (Riga) at Kemiö/Kimito, SW Finland. Public session hosted by Lalla Vinde, special edition: seeds underground party maaland
* Join wasteland festival in Kouvola, Finland.


* * residency with ALOTOF, [A Laboratory On The Open Fields] at OKNO, Brussels, Belgium - conducting OpenGreens database workshop
* Hosting seeds underground party at Electropixel, Nantes, France.
* Exhibition with Mark Amerika at Furtherfield, London. Opening day with a seeds underground party held in Finsbury Park.


* Performing UKI viral performance LIVE CODE LIVE SPAM at ARS ELECTRONICA NIGHTLINE 2013 presented by CAFE STROM & STADTWERKSTATT , - Pd~graz meets Shu Lea Cheang , Linz, Austria. Extra: nightly midnight screenings of I.K.U. (2000, Uplink), view yourtube trailer.
* residency with ALOTOF, [A Laboratory On The Open Fields] at OKNO, Brussels, Belgium - connecting Belgium on mobileapp opengreens
* FLUID: a casting call as live performance, curated by Florence Flozif for Festival Jerk Off
* Video dialogues and lecture presentation with FemTechNet at OCAD, Toronto, Canada.


* Performing Composting the city | Composting the net with Martin Howse at New Media Culture ART+COMMUNICATION 2013, Riga, Latvia.
* Moderating techno-ecologies panel at media art histories: renew at RIXC Centre for New Media Culture (Riga, Latvia).
* residency with ALOTOF, [A Laboratory On The Open Fields] at OKNO, Brussels, Belgium - Holding seeds underground party with OKNO and Centre d'écologie urbaine.
* Accepting PorYes Award, Feministische Porno-Filmpreis Europas held in Berlin.
* Hosting SALON CYBERPUNK PORN at Porn Film Festival Berlin.


* seeds underground party at Club Izba, exhibition Autonomies, Novi Sad, Serbia.
* Join ICT&ART CONNECT, invited by iMAL for 3 day workshop and presentation at European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.
* created a seeds underground radio piece for Kunst, Wasser, Information, Teil 2: Fieldwork@KUNTSRADIO, Vienna.
* CrisisRus performing at piksel2013, Bergen, Norway.
* LaptopsRus launches CrisisRus at Vision'R 2013 Paris, hosted by FUZ, Le Générateur.


* HOME - reading, writing, curing.
* developing/finalizing opengreenwild mobile app. for ALOTOF, [A Laboratory On The Open Fields] at
* rework FLUID script - second draft.
* implant 1334359 entrée:23/12/13


FLUID the movie (2014) feature film in development
CRISISRUS by LAPTOPSRUS (2013) collective networked performance
SEEDS UNDERGROUND (2013) underground party for seed exchange
ACCIDENTAL LANDING (2013) accidentally the wind blows
COMPOSTING THE CITY (2012) adopt a composter
COMPOSTING THE NET (2012) biodegradable data trash
BABY WORK (2012) third part of Locker Baby Project (2001-2012)
CYCLEX (2012) make art make farm, Andes, New York
UKI (2009-2012) a viral performance & a viral game
MOVINGFOREST (2008-2012) 12 hour distributed performance
LAPTOPSRUS (2009-2011) a woman live performers' network platform
AGLIOMANIA (2008-2010) garlic as post-crash currency
MOBIOPERA (2007) collective cinema with mobilephones
BABY LOVE (2005) 2nd part of locker baby project
MILK (2004) 56K-bastard TV, Switzerland
TRAMJAM RUSH HOUR (2004 - 2007) by Mumbai Streaming Attack
TAKE2030 (2003-2006) hypermedia collective based in london
BURN (2003) burning pirated music CD
GARLIC=RICH AIR 2030 (2003) Limbo Zone, Venice Biennale 2003.
GARLIC=RICH AIR (2002) Challenge to the Fields, Creative Time, New York
KINGDOM OF PIRACY (2002-2006) curated netspace
I.K.U. (2000) Sundance Film Festival
BRANDON (1998-1999) Guggenheim Museum commission and collection
BUY ONE GET ONE (1997) NTT[ICC] Biennale exhibition and collection


works 2000s - 2000 to 2010
works 1990s - 1990 to 1999
dated 2030 - published at a minima in 2005