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Shu Lea Cheang


* Entering 2023 - chez B.K. Taitung.
* Staring research with Friends of Attention on Attention Economies, Algorithms, and Social Justice, a two year Creative Europe/European Union project.
* Screening 3 feature films - FRESH KILL(1994), I.K.U.(2000), FLUIDØ(2017) at excentricofest, Chile.


* Join Mindy Seu for Cyberfeminism Index book launch at After 8 Books, Paris.
* Exhibiting 0x9 at Think Tank: REPRODUCTIVE AGENTS at museo Madre, Naples.


* SPROUTS for QUEER LOVE, a public participatory performance with CONSTELLATIONS - Celebrating Queer Spaces that No Longer Exist, Poligonal, Berlin. Imagine yourself as a mushroom
* Public talk Queer and Trans Visions, Queer Directions symposium Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies, University of Toronto.
* Workshop developing SLEEPV.05 with The Sociability of Sleep, PUBLIC LECTURE on SLEEP SERIES at McGill University, Montreal.


* Seeding cycleX, New York.
* OPEN CALL UNBORN0x9 online reading group #1 on ectogenesis, Art Laboratory Berlin.
* Technical development and rehearsal for theater project Hagay Dreaming, Taiwan.


* 一個神話的、跟一個當代處境的交集:鄭淑麗與東冬‧侯溫創作對談, published at Art Touch.
* Presenting Scifi New Queer cinema at Jester Films, Genk, Netherland.
* SADEX from 3x3x6 at Exhibition Sade - Freedom or Evil, CCCB, Barcelona
+ a talk with Quimera Rosa.
* UNBORN0x9 at exhibition Matter of Flux, Art Laboratory Berlin. [Clot review]
* UNBORN0x9 reading group ectogenesis hybrid reading performance.


* Filmmaker in focus - 68th Annual Flaherty Film Seminar – QUEER WORLD-MENDING, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York.
* UKI world premiere FILMFEST MÜNCHEN, an homage and screenings of (I.K.U., FLUIDØ, plus Sex Fish, Sex Bowl) at Uranians/Museum Brandhorst.


* Join LOST RIVER - SOUND, VISION AND MOTION - 10-DAY LAB, organized by MCASA, Mongolia. [Gogo Mongolia press]
* UNBORN0x9 with Art Laboratory Berlin Reading Group ULTRASOUND performance.
* UKI Berlin Premiere - 3 days of screenings, installation and performances, presented by LAS ART FOUNDATION at BILKAim Kranzler Eck in Berlin.
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* G for GENOM, I hear the blood running, installation at Traklhaus, Salzburg, Austria.
* Code Me, Love Me, Set Me Free: Queerdom in other-worlds, Festung Hohensalzburg, Summer Academy, Salzburg, Austria. Class creation: Queerdom in Other Worlds [poster][video]
* OK. oscar: symposium | Machines of Seeing: AI between Cultural Critique and Artistic Appropriation Summer Academy, Salzburg, Austria.
* FRESH KILL listed as one of the 100 Greatest New York City Artworks at ARTnews.


* UKI at STWST48x9, held in association with Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria. 4 screenings at Moviemento Linz. Special screening (21:00 07/09) held simutaneously with Moviemento Berlin with a remote networked Q+A session.
* UKI French premiere at Center Pompidou Vidéo et après, Paris.
* As festival consultant for Les femmes de Taïwan font des vagues held at Forum des Images, 19/09-08/10, 2023.
* Cycle Shu Lea Cheang: Crating a Scifi New Queer Cinema , l’Age d’Or Festival Cinematek, Brussels. [festival pdf]
* RED PILL at exhibition HOPE, the third chapter of TECHNO HUMANITIES, Museion, Italy.
* The Power of Art lies in Hacking Technology and Science - interview with Jana Putrie Srdic, included in Manufacturing Life Systems (Laboratory for Artificial Life), publication by Kersnikova Institute, Slovenia.


* UKI closing night at l’Age d’Or Festival Cinematek, Brussels.
* UTTER, mixed media installation, Attention After Technology, Kunsthall Trondheim, Norway. Opening October 13, 2023. exhibition guidebook
* UKI Taiwan premiere at TFAM (Taipei Fine Arts Museum).
* UKI at Woman Make Waves Festival, Taipei.
* Stage one theatrical version of Hagay Dreaming at Taipei Backstage Pool, presented by Taipei Performance Art Center, Taiwan.


* UKI, Uplink Kyoto and Uplink kichijoji, Tokyo.
* UKI, Contagious & Queer program, IDFA (The International Documentary Filmfestival), Amsterdam.
* UKI, Modern Monday, MoMA, New York.


* UKI Zurich premiere with P0rny Days at Kino Riffraff in Zürich.
* UKI London premiere at ICA, London.


UKI (2009-2023) a scifi viral ALT-reality cinema in post-production
HAGAY DREAMING (2022-) a Techno Fantasia guided theatre of Revival from Dowmong, Taiwan
SLEEP (since 2018) co-authored with Matthew Fuller
UNBORN0x9 (since 2016) with Future Baby Production initiated with Ewen Chardronnet
3x3x6 (2019) Venice Biennale 2019
GARLIC=RICHAIR (2019 remake)
MYCELIUM NETWORK SOCIETY (since 2017) Post-Net nature's network
WONDERS WANDER (2017) a mobi web series for Madrid Pride 2017
FLUIDØ the movie (2017) a cypherpunk scifi movie
CRISISRUS by LAPTOPSRUS (2013) collective networked performance
SEEDS UNDERGROUND (2013) underground party for seed exchange
ACCIDENTAL LANDING (2013) accidentally the wind blows
COMPOSTING THE CITY (2012) adopt a composter
COMPOSTING THE NET (2012) biodegradable data trash
BABY WORK (2012) third part of Locker Baby Project (2001-2012)
CYCLEX (2012) make art make farm, Andes, New York
MOVINGFOREST (2008-2012) 12 hour distributed performance
LAPTOPSRUS (2009-2011) a woman live performers' network platform
AGLIOMANIA (2008-2010) garlic as post-crash currency
FISTING CLUB (2008) performance with Wendy DeLorme
MOBIOPERA (2007) collective cinema with mobilephones
BABY LOVE (2005) 2nd part of locker baby project
MILK (2004) 56K-bastard TV, Switzerland
TRAMJAM RUSH HOUR (2004 - 2007) by Mumbai Streaming Attack
TAKE2030 (2003-2006) hypermedia collective based in london
BURN (2003) burning pirated music CD
GARLIC=RICH AIR 2030 (2003) Limbo Zone, Venice Biennale 2003.
GARLIC=RICH AIR (2002) Challenge to the Fields, Creative Time, New York
KINGDOM OF PIRACY (2002-2006) curated netspace
I.K.U. (2000) Sundance Film Festival
BRANDON (1998-1999) Guggenheim Museum commission
[collection] [relaunch 2017] [netart anthology Rhizome]
BUY ONE GET ONE (1997) NTT[ICC] Biennale exhibition and collection [website recovered]


Expand, an interface (2001), commissioned by telepolis, restored in Java script (2022).
APT(2002), commissioned by xcult, shrink to fit
STOP(2002), commissioned by Amnesty International


Interview Virus Becoming: Shu Lea Cheang on Viral Love Biohack published at
On the Basis of Face: Biometric Art as Critical Practic its History and Politics Devon Schiller, Institute of network cultures
The Digiarchitextual Body – or: Brandon’s Corporeal Virtualities, Jeppe Ugelvig, Parallax 91 Routledge
sex, prison and digital surveillance, Ewen Chardronnet for MAKERY.
Society Has Become the Biggest Panopticon, Zach Blas for Frieze.
You are. They is. *neo ultra punk*, warehouse industries.
A Network of Spores, Jenna Sutela for transmediale Berlin.
Cyphersex pioneer: Shu Lea Cheang, Jill Blackmore Evans for Exberliner, Berlin.
Bodies are packaged made to be opened , B. Ruby Rich re-published at rhizome, New York
Compost your orgasm trash, Matthew Fuller for Mute, London.
BRANDON, Yin Ho for Rhizome, New York.
interactive mythologies, Maxence Grugier for Digitalarti Paris.
Shu Lea Cheang art reseau au femininsingulier @rtek for Culture Mobile Orange Paris


works 2000s - 2000 to 2014
works 1990s - 1990 to 1999
dated 2030 - published at a minima in 2005


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